5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Fabulous this Summer

Haven’t had fun in your pool for quite a while now? Sure pools were basically made for swimming, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be more fun or fabulous. Think about it this way, would you rather have a basic pool in your backyard or would you rather have something more like an urban oasis?

Now there are plenty of things you can try to amp up your pool game. You can add flowers, colors, textures, and waves to your pool if you like. At the end of the day, it’s all about being creative with your preferences.

Water is an element that goes so well with many materials. That being said, we’re sure you’d be able to find a way to make your pool as fabulous as you want it to be by taking a quick look at this short list.


1. Do Some Landscaping

More often than not, pools are left bare with little to no form of landscaping in its surroundings. Landscaping is a great way to add some life to your pool. Adding flowers and lush greeneries beside your pool can make it seem more enticing to swim in.

One great tip you can try is to surround your pool with a wooden deck. The deck will provide balance and space between your pool and the plants around it. What’s great about pool decks paired with landscaping is that it makes your pool look like it’s built for a hotel or resort.

2. Accessorise!

There’s nothing wrong with having a bare pool with just water to swim in. But if you truly want to make your pool look and feel more fabulous, we suggest you consider adding a couple of accessories that can make your pool more stimulating.

Some popular pool accessories that people often get include slides, inflatables, pool sports, and fountains. However, even though pool accessories can add that extra oomph to your pool, be careful not to overdo it. Pool accessories may be fun, but a pool that you can no longer swim or move in is no fun at all.

3. Add Movement

Household pools usually lack movement. And if you ask us, looking at a stagnant pool of water doesn’t really feel inviting. Make your pool look and feel fabulous by adding some water movement.

You can install jets, fountains, and even waterfalls in your pool to make some small currents. Adding movement to your pool is a great way to make it look and feel more natural.

4. Light It Up

Adding lighting to your pool creates a dramatic effect that will make you feel more comfortable swimming at night. You can choose to use lighting in the form of outdoor lamps or you can install lights within the pool.

For best results, we recommend you add both types of lights. A combination of internal and external pool lights can make the entire pool area look more alive. You can even try playing with lights that change in color.

5. Use Colors and Textures

If you want to make your pool look more alive, why not try adding a dash of color or texture to it? Get creative with pool tiles and use a mixture of color and textures. Some people add and create colorful mosaics around the top of the waterline of the entire pool.

When it comes to adding texture, you may want to consider incorporating wood or stone materials with your pool. Doing something as simple as adding a stone deck or fountain can make your pool have a more natural and authentic look.

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