Untangle with Madimack’s new cordless robotic cleaner

Keep your Riverina swimming pool looking like new with Madimack’s GT Freedom cordless robotic cleaner. It’s the ultimate pool cleaning solution free from cords and cables, offering unrestricted movement and hassle-free cleaning.

Exclusive to Riverina Pools, the GT Freedom offers all the benefits of enhance inverter technology.

  • 8 hours of power – DC brushless motor coupled with InverMAC enhanced inverter technology
  • Advanced Lithium-Ion battery – for enhanced performance
  • Active panel control – flexibility to set and manage run times, cycle times and operational display on the unit
  • Engineered infra-red guidance system – delivering intelligent navigation in relation to your pool’s environment
  • Dual drive navigation – increased power and advanced mobility to overcome obstacles

The GT Freedom will make light work of cleaning your new fibreglass swimming pool.  Visit your nearest Riverina Pools display centre for more information.

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