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Elevate Your Pool with the Madimack i30 Robotic Cleaner and Spa Electrics LED Brilliance

* Please note, this offer is only available in South Australia* Elevate Your Pool with the Madimack i30 Robotic Cleaner and Spa Electrics LED Brilliance Welcome to the next level of swimming pool luxury! Today, we are diving into the incredible features of the Madimack Freedom i30 cordless robotic cleaner and the Spa Electrics LED [...]

Madimack Pool Essentials

Contact Riverina Pools today and extend your summer by the pool with exclusive products from Madimack. Whether you’re looking to: Optimise running costs – reduce the cost of your pool system and energy bills Extend pool usage – consider the best pool heating options for your pool setup Reduce noise levels of your operating system [...]

Untangle with Madimack’s new cordless robotic cleaner

Keep your Riverina swimming pool looking like new with Madimack’s GT Freedom cordless robotic cleaner. It’s the ultimate pool cleaning solution free from cords and cables, offering unrestricted movement and hassle-free cleaning. Exclusive to Riverina Pools, the GT Freedom offers all the benefits of enhance inverter technology. 8 hours of power – DC brushless motor [...]

New to Riverina Pools – Madimack Heat Pumps

Madimack heat pumps have arrived at Riverina Pools. As Australia’s authority in heat pump technology, Madimack was founded on 50 years of industry expertise and a rigorous commitment to ongoing research and development in technology and renewable energy. Fully Australian owned and operated, Madimack heat pumps are supported by advanced technologies and market leading warranties. [...]

We’re Climate Care Certified!

Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of owning a swimming pool while also taking care of the environment with a Riverina Climate Care Certified pool. It’s so easy to do your part in a creating a sustainable future for your family by simply choosing a pool that is Climate Care Certified. What does [...]

Focal Point

Beat the summer heat with a swimming pool

Ready to beat the summer heat with a new swimming pool? Here are some things to consider. After some time, using the community pool or driving to the beach every time you need to cool off on a hot summer’s day just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’ve officially had enough of sharing with strangers [...]

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Pool Maintenance

The Three C’s The Three C’s of pool maintenance are circulation, cleaning and chemistry. It’s important that all pool owners understand the importance of these factors and how you can leverage them to get the most out of your swimming pool. Circulation: First off, it’s imperative to maintain good circulation in your pool because it [...]

Best Pools for Exercising

The Best Swimming Pools for Exercising Swimming is one of the best exercises for building up muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. It provides an entire body workout without stressing out the joints in the body. Because of this, swimming has become a popular exercise for people of all ages. Plenty of households and fitness [...]

5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Fabulous this Summer

Haven’t had fun in your pool for quite a while now? Sure pools were basically made for swimming, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be more fun or fabulous. Think about it this way, would you rather have a basic pool in your backyard or would you rather have something more like an urban oasis? [...]

Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers Pool covers are becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia, thanks to the ever-rising costs of pool heating, increasing concern about water evaporation and the opportunity for pool owners to reduce general maintenance. Using a pool cover, however, requires a greater level of care when it comes to operating the pool’s sanitizing system, as [...]

Perth Pool Show Landscaping

Perth Pool Show

In collaboration with Riverina Pools, Designer Outdoors WA bring you the VERY best outdoor entertaining package you will find. Take advantage of this limited offer and contact Designer Outdoor WA on 0427 994 054, email or visit their website for further information.   Designer Outdoors WA are our partners in landscaping and “Expert’s in [...]

POOL CHEMICALS – Let’s talk about measuring your pH levels!

Your swimming pool is a water container and the water it contains must be suitable for: the swimmers the pool Balanced water means that its chemical demands have been met. If the chemical levels are too low the water may aggressively seek the products it needs by attacking the pool surface and equipment. This may [...]

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