Superior Marine Strength

Our pools are manufactured using the same method and technology as our marine range of boats. From government patrol boats to 5m-20m leisure crafts.

All materials used in the manufacturing process of our pools and boats are purchased directly from only one leading supplier.

During the process of manufacturing your swimming pool, detailed procedures are performed during each stage including the thickness of material being applied, correct positioning of ribbing and correct atmospheric temperature conditions. Weights of all materials being used are recorded during the manufacturing process.

Once the pool has been completed, it is then removed from the mould for inspection and electronic testing of the internal surface and thickness of the shell. All relevant testing must comply to the Australian Standards. The inspection results are recorded and archived for future reference when required.

With over 47 years’ experience in the pool and marine industry, Riverina Pools can offer you the very latest and best swimming pool design, construction and technology.

Structural Integrity

When you purchase a Riverina pool, manufactured in Australia, you have peace of mind knowing the pool is manufactured and engineered to provide you and your family and friends with a lifetime of enjoyment. Take the time to look deeper into a Riverina pool’s construction and relax in the fact that your pool will stand the test of time.

Construction Layers

  • Exceptional fade resistance
  • Marine grade ISO NPG Gelcoats
  • Micropure – reduces bacterial and algae growth
  • Built to Australian Standard 1838:1994
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