The ultimate pool finish using nano-technology, superior strength fibreglass pools with all new micropure
The worlds largest producer of gelcoats and distributor of composite products and Riverina Pools introduce MICROPURE, the all new revolutionary anti-bacterial formulation (based on nano-technology) formulation for fibreglass pools. 

MICROPURE reduces bacterial and algal growth and is chlorine and UV resistant. With over 40 years of experience, in the pool and marine industry, Riverina Pools can offer you the very latest and the best in swimming pool design, construction and technology.

Advanced Technology for UV protection:

  • exceptional fade resistance
  • sun protection for your pool
  • marine grade gelcoat technology

Why fibreglass pools are best:

  • large choice of colours
  • consistent quality
  • ease of installation
  • client friendly, minimal disruption

Safety features for extra safety and comfort:

  • enormous seating and swimouts in our range of pools
  • non slip surfaces
  • uninterrupted swimming area
  • all fittings fibreglassed to pool shell
  • all fibreglass fittings to Australian standards

Personal accessory options:

  • provision for heater pipes
  • solar heating
  • LED lighting
  • header course for top of pool
  • spa jets, swim jets and blower rings can be fitted
  • colour upgrades
  • robotic pool cleaners

Exceptional structural foundations:

  • engineered certified and built to AS1838-1994
  • wide edge beams
  • closed cell steps, swimouts and edge beams
  • full width floors and full depth walls for maximum area
  • reinforcing ribs at 400mm intervals
  • non slip surfaces on all steps, floors and edgebeams
  • Lloyds of London material register

  Barcol Hardness Testing



Marine Grade Construction





image (1).png

Structural Integrity

When you purchase a Riverina Pool, manufactured in Australia, you have peace of mind to know that the pool is manufactured and engineered to provide you and your family and friends with a lifetime of enjoyment. Take the time to look deeper into a Riverina Pool construction and relax in the fact that your pool will stand the test of time  

Come and see your pool being manufactured.

Pool Wall Construction

The pool walls are constructed with not only thicker fibreglass layers, but also engineered structural ribbed walls. This eliminates the need for complicated back fill techniques as it provides extra reinforcement for all the walls.

Edge Beam Construction

All Riverina Pools come with a wide structurally engineered, reinforced edge beam. This means there is no need for concrete structural beams as used by some other pool companies.

Positive Closed Cell Step Strengthening

Riverina Pools Adelaide and Perth use a positive closed cell reinforcement technique to not only provide the step with extra strength, but to enable back fill to place properly under the step for greater support.

Layers of construction

  • mould is prepared to guarantee an umblemished lustre to your pool
  • marine grade deep lustre pool finish gelcoat (colour) ISO NPG.
  • epoxy vinyl ester superior protective skin sprayed on
  • solid fibreglass laminate ensures extreme water resistance
  • extra strength structural layer
  • reinforce pool walls, edge beam, step areas for superior strength
  • barrier treatment to protect external surface in contact with the soil



            Quality Control Identification Label







 Construction Layers

Construction Layers 4.jpg